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   NOW offerring training sessions and training manuals.
   Graphic design and photo editing
   Web page design and development
   Client side coding (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, JS Frameworks)
   Web application and database development (PHP/MySQL)
   Specialised services in usability and accessibility
   Online advertising, SEO, SEM and social networking
   Advice for online marketing solutions
   Advice and recommendations for web technologies
   Subcontracts and contracts to work in and with other companies

Please contact us if you'd like a quote. Our prices are always reasonable.

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Project Management

LisDesigns will now offer project management for web projects and share work for large projects. Fees are 10% additional to the total hours billed, for a team.

I have been collecting the contact details of subcontractors I can work with. So far I have 5 full stack developers, 4 front end developers, a designer (- some that do WordPress too) and one social media specialist, that you can hire to work with me. They sound like well-skilled people, some with university educations, some with reputable experience.

Otherwise, I can handle the workload on my own, but the goal I'm focusing on, is that with a team, we can create many websites that are requested, within 1-2 weeks, all at once. I can also share the work for small projects with one or two people from the team to help grow my business.