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Privacy Statement

The purpose of this document, is to briefly describe, some of the common reasons, that LisDesigns may request personal information from you, and why.


Initially, we request your name and contact email, so that we candiscuss our business services with you.

In order to proceed with the negotiation, we will also require some additional details. This includes: your full name, business name, business address, contact email and contact phone number.

(We may also request webhost account details, if you would like us to upload and manage your website for you.)


The purpose of requesting these details, is for administration purposes, for invoicing, for discussing your project with you and for providing our business services to you.

It is also important that we have these minimal business contact details for taxation and regulation purposes, so that we can conduct business with you.


When there is additional information that we require, we will provide you with a reason of the need, and how we will be limited if you if you would prefer not to provide us with that information.

This is so that you can make an informed choice over what information you provide us with.


We do not share your contact details (or any other type of information) with anyone outside of LisDesigns, unless you have asked us to a arrange a service for you. This could include: website hosting, domain name registration, etc.


All contact details, are stored securely offline.

Updating Information

We try to keep our records of clients up to date, however if yourbusiness contact details change, please let us know for invoicingand taxation purposes.


We make some exceptions to these general descriptions, where the law requires us to (eg. under court order, investigation, etc).

If you have questions or concerns, please send them via our contact us page.