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       Triga - software in C++
       Guest List Creator - software in C++

       Ski the Slopes - animation in Visual Basic

       Guest Store Directory - software in Visual Basic

       Wippa's Snacks and Ladders
       Rainy Skies (JQuery) -Play on 22" screens or larger.
       Candy Forest (React) -Has sound in Chrome
       Puzzle (Drag n Drop)
       Room Decos (Drag n Drop)
       StopAna, made in JQuery & JSFiddle
       Pairs Card Game, made in JQuery
       JQuery Hang Girl
       JQuery 0s and Xs
       JQuery Card Shuffle

       Floating Balloons (JQuery)
       Happy Day eCard (JQuery)
       Elegant Logo Slider (JQuery)
       Drawing Animation (JSFiddle, JQuery)

    Code Samples:
       abcjs Demo
       AcademicIcons Example
       FontAwesome Demo
       Fastshop Catalogue (Angular)
       W3.JS Slideshow Example
       JQuery Example
       Responsive Example
       Angular Examples
       Bootstrap Examples
       CoffeeScript Example
       React Example
       JavaScript OOP Example
       HTML5 Drag n Drop Example

    Design Samples:
       Migration Legal
       Sea Animal Marine Park
       Sonic Disco
       Jazz Cafe
       Sidewalk Gardens
       Zebra Crossing
       My Sweet Valentine
       Percussion Sounds
       Green Lizards

       Start Smart Publications
       Start Smart Education Innovation
       One FX Art - development

       7 Second - Idea 1

       7 Second - Idea 2

       Daki - Tshirt designs

       Australian Corporate Health

       Australian Corporate Health 2

       11 on 11


       Fair Deal Tiles

       BudgetWork - Advert

       Low Doc Loans

       HR Essence

       IDC - development

       OHara Fashion Designs - development

       Parenting Australia - edm

       Nick Jnr and Parenting Australia - edm development and banner


       Queen Anne English College




       SmartCoat 1

       SmartCoat 2

       SRV Home Loans

       Stickertastic - Logos

       VetPro - ZenCart
       Wippa's Fan Page
       zoobamboo - Rebuilt in WordPress - development & backend - development -Banner design


       Domain Property Inspections


       Blue Mountains Pest Control

       Eastern Suburbs Pest Control

       Seekers of Truth

       Change Freight Forwarding


       Gourmet Treats

       SMS Rules
       Wholesale Roses - development