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museumLisDesigns was established 18 years ago and is the creative concept of Lisa Christian. Lisa is 41.

Lisa has studied website design, development and IT since 2002. She has worked through employment, self employment, freelance and contracts since then. She handles all of the design and development work for LisDesigns. Her design projects initially began as a hobby but due to success on Gumtree and the radio, has developed into a profession. Since then she has made about 212 websites and worked for over 80 businesses. Most of these are sole traders but sometimes they can be large or corporate. (Able to handle websites as large as a hundred pages in size.) pc

Lisa is well equipped for development, with a Microsoft Surface ProX, an Apple Ipad Pro, a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, a Kogan Windows 10 laptop and Google pixel 5 phone. She also has a monitor and tv connection for testing large screen sizes for websites.

Lisa worked part-time as the Director of Web Development for APEX as well as in development for several creative agencies.

"The majority of my work came from working at PestFREE Sydney for three years. I completed design and development of 100 WordPress sites. PestFREE has inspired my interest in small creatures, which is the reason behind my tagline "Attention to Beetle", which means more than just attention to detail, it means attention to all the small things. (Amateur entomology.)

Since then I have worked for a few other pest control companies.
I've also worked for a year and a half for an electronics engineering company who makes make infrared surveillance cameras, which was interesting. They were called APT Group. Other long term positions I had were with Parenting Australia and Painters Connected. Last year, I spent a lot of time working for Tripmia. I have made a variety of websites for all different companies, recruiters, employers, clients, customers and charities."

LisDesigns is still working towards her goal; innovating website design and development, to create neat, beautiful designs and to create a uinque impression on the online world.

LisDesigns has contributed and supported the Snow Leopards in past, through WWF and sometimes the Bible Society, Hope103.2 and the RSPCA.

Currently, LisDesigns is giving to Monika's Doggie Rescue. I used to volunteer at the adoption counter at Petbarn Alexandria and now I want to support them by sending care packages of toys, treats and beds for the dogs. I've also been giving to jesuscares.com.au - bibles and Starlight, art supplies for the Kids sick in Westmead hospital. I love shopping online to give as donations to these charities, so I'm grateful for the support from clients. Donations are usually $20-$100 worth, a few times a month, providing I pay some of my bills first. I have a lot of bills, so the more work I do, the better.


Don't forget a supporting a charity fun walk, I love a good challenge. "Some go, others send."


Flipflop, enjoys the treats I buy from my earnnings that clients support us with. Thankyyou. He also has an expensive diet of 1 or 2 lamb cutlets per day, milky sticks, greenies and dentastix. But there's always enough here for him. :) He keeps me company while I work and I love him.

pc For myself, I have a hobby of collecting pure gold jewellery, which I have a few nice pieces, some collectable coins and precious metal bullion. I'm saving my pennies as I'd like to buy the housing commission one day. Looking out for big clients that might provide enough for a deposit. I want to look after everyone in my family financially, so I have big goals to increase my earnnings so that there's enough to go round. In the meantime, mum and dad enjoy my earnnings when I share money for groceries. They lap up my success and I'm happy to be able to provide food when we run out and its not pension day. I want to be financially independent, to not receive any Centrelink :) I want to earn enough to not need Centrelink at all. For that I might need double the income I've had, every month consistently. I think by doubling my ads that might be possible. Thank you for all the support.


Relevent education:
  • Graduate Certificate in Web Design and UX. Started study 17/2/20-1/6/20. Billy Blue College of Design and Torrens University.
  • Diploma in Screen and Media (currently studying). OTEN Tafe.
  • Diploma in Arts (English). 3 subjects in literature completed. UNE.
  • Bachelor of Business - 2 subects in Marketing and Sports Marketing completed. Deferred for timebeing. APM/Torrens.
  • Diploma in Business Management (1 subject left, requesting rpl). OTEN Tafe.
  • Certificate 4 in Business. OTEN Tafe.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Internet Studies) - 6 years part time study, partial complete. Open Unis/Curtin.
CSU University Billy Blue and Torrens Uni

Macquarie University University of New England APM & Torrens University Tafe NSW Curtin University Open Universities W3C Microsoft MSDN Channel 9 ALISON Berkeley University Harvard University CY O'Connor Tafe CIT Bruce

Client List

   Craig Cox, Golf Coach
   Peter Robertson, PW Robbo's
   Cadlan Drafting
   Lindsay Henri Armand
   Harbour Media
   Human Pixel
   True Blue Pilates
   Start Smart Publications
   OneFX Creative
   Sunny Creative Studio
   Queen Anne College
   APT Group
   APEX Ethics
   AC Health
   Ashbrooke Parramatta Cosmetic
   Best Deal 4 U
   Be Start
   Careful Movers
   Change Freight Forwarding (CFF), CFFWorld
   Cheapest 2 Men and a Truck
   ChiefTech Australia
   Control Zone Online
   Crystaline Computing
   Domain Property Inspections
   EIBCF - Elizabeth Igbinoba Breast Cancer Foundation
   Hot Air Ballooning
   eMedia Creative
   Eye Fatigue
   Gourmet Treats
   Lord Global
   Funky Fairy Parties
   Fusion Empire
   Handstand Graphics
   HR Essence
   ICT Contractors
   Iron Gym
   JP Photoshoots
   Lager Australia
   Learn Speak Thai
   Magic Blue Creative
   Merge Master
   Painters Connected
   Parenting Australia
   PestFREE Sydney
   Premium SMS Solutions
   Premier Dental Sydney
   Rubbish Removal Sydney
   Runway Clothing
   Seekers of Truth
   SMS Rules
   SpiderWeb Graphics
   Sydney Painters
   The Bundusan Pet Shop
   The Photo Studio
   TK Fuels
   Universal Pets
   Utopia Internet
   White Collar Creative


   Dr Miguel Iglesias
   Geoff Whycross Consulting
   HiTech Locksmiths
   Lebanese Film Festival
   Meridian Marine
   Vichy Shower Bed
   Wholesale Roses