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Mission Statement

Lis Designs aims to provide affordable, creative and professional
website services, that meet the needs of small to large businesses.

Lisa's focus is to offer complete website management solutions, which begins at the design process, continues with development and follows with ongoing support for maintenance and hosting.

Lis Designs also accepts subcontracts to work within design and development companies to produce large projects and contracts for ongoing work with companies that need large websites.


Lis Designs is a design and development firm, based in
Sydney, Australia. However our services are offerred internationally.

In past, Lis Designs has achieved design and development for
many different types of trades, such as food and produce, nuclear
science, marine, machinery, car sales and health care. I also have had contract business with and inner-city companies such as recruitment agencies, freight, real estate and engineering.

One significant advantage of choosing this company, is that I take
time to listen to clients' needs, provide informative advice, and
focus on building their website, with their ideals in mind.

I encourage you to peruse my website and contact me if you
have any queries or if you would just like to have a chat.