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Mission Statement

Lis Designs is a long standing business, created in 2003. The purpose of Lis Designs is to create as many web pages on the internet as one can imagine.

Designing is both a passion and a hobby. So I create whenever I'm given an idea.

The objective of the business is to produce income from honest works.

Lis Designs supports businesses and charities, creating solutions for profit and budget.


Thursday, 24th May 2018

I've been studying business at a college and have almost completed my studies. I can create reports for business strategies and plans if you need to analyse your market position and competitors.

I'm currently promoting WordPress. Click here to view my video and presentation. I can setup and design a WordPress site for you.

I'm now also offerring kitchenhand barista services, as I enjoy cooking. Click here to see photos from recipes I've made from books, websites and and thought of myself.


Lis Designs creates designs as well as carrying out development.

Websites are technical, neatly crafted, well presented solutions.

My clientele are corporate, trades, engineers and health.

My approach is to be produce high quality work, with a unique edge that separates my work from the norm.

Please peruse my website and persue my services.

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